Our Vission

Unity Charity is a registered nonprofit charity in the US and Indonesia dedicated to providing a complete approach to ending poverty through immediate relief and long-term solutions.


Our Mission

Humanity has never been so united yet a huge gap exists between those who have and those who don’t.While technology has transformed the world it takes people like you to transform their world.

Unity Charity uses Waves decentralized blockchain to establish recurring income through mining, leasing, and staking your donations that is secure from any centralized control and goes direct to the needy.

Working exclusively with local volunteers since 2014 throughout Southeast Asia we provide crucial relief directly to orphans in need with a proven record.


Unity Charity operates in Indonesia where 51% of the country are designated as living in poverty of under $1 per day and over 8 million children suffer from malnutrition due to extreme poverty and its effects on society. We are based in Tangerang, Indonesia which is part of the Jakarta area, the second largest city in the world after Tokyo.